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Addiction Services

The Addictions Service provides assessment and treatment for people with substance dependence and a co-existing mental health and or serious physical health problems. Within the broader alcohol and drug services for Wellington, CADS has the responsiblity of caring for those people with more severe disorders


"In partnership with service users and providers, the community alcohol and drug services offer specialist services for substance use and dependence and is committed to the development of addiction services in the greater Wellington region. The focus of the service is on those people with more complex needs and higher risks, using a multidisciplinary approach."

How to Access Services

Access to the service is via referral to Te Haika (Telephone 0800 745477 or fax 04 918 2284). Self referrals can be made or referrals from family, whanau, involved other people or general practictioners (GP).

It is preferred that referrals come from general practitioners as it is important your GP is aware of your referral and involved in your treatment planning and care, as your GP provides the ongoing care for you once you are discharged from specialist services.

Because of the higher level of specialisation of this service, self referrals are usually seen in the first instance by one of the NGO alcohol and drug providers.

We provide services to the wider region through clinics in Porirua and Kapiti.

The Addictions Service offers therapy services via its clinics, community based detoxification services, consultations to the general hospitals (including the regional pain clinic) and a small outreach service for the homeless.

The Addictions Service is currently accredited as a training centre for:

  • Advanced training in addiction psychiatry
  • Trainees studying to become Fellows of the Australaisan chapter of Addiction Medicine

We also regularly take nursing, social work, medical, psychology and also alcohol and drug counselling students for placements.

Clinicians in the Team

  • Team Leader
  • Psychiatrist, Addiction Specialist
  • Psychiatric Registrar
  • Psychologist
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Counsellors

Our Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm (closed public holidays)


Wellington Hospital
Administration Building
31 Mein Street

Telephone                Fax                         Email
    cads "at" ccdhb.org.nz

Team Leader:
Clarissa Broderick

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