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Health Pasifika

We are a specialist Pacific community mental health & addictions team providing services for adults, children and young people that have moderate to severe illness.

Contact with Health Pasifika staff can be at the service base, in your home or at another arranged meeting place.

You are welcome to have your ngutuare tangata/ aiga/ kaiga/kainga/magafaoa/family, other support people or an advocate with you when you use our services.

To use our service you may:

  • Contact the service yourself
  • Be referred by your GP
  • Contact from family member, friend, parents or teachers
  • CYFS or other professional social and psychiatric services in the community
  • Clinical and cultural assessment and treatment planning services for Pacific Adults and Children and young people with moderate to severe mental illness and or addiction issues
  • Mobile care co-ordination and management.
  • Consultation liaison and key working specific tasks with community, inpatient and speciality mental health and addictions services and teams.
  • Education and training
  • Medication planning
  • Cultural advocacy/interpretation
  • Ethnic specific focus and delivery

We also provide:

  • Mental Health and Addiciton Information
  • Community Services Information
  • Information about services that provide social, educational, work related training and support
  • Parenting information
  • Alcohol and drug information

Assessment and treatment options are explained and discussed with you.

With your consent, and where possible, your parents, family members or significant others, are welcome to be involved.

We have a team of professionals, qualified and trained staff that include:

  • Pasifika Cultural Advisor/Matua
  • Consultant Psychiatrists
  • Team Leader
  • Pasifika Clinicians
  • Pasifika Administrator
  • Psychologist
  • Family Therapist